Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paper Beads

This past summer I learned how to make paper beads. It is so much fun and provides relaxing time. In the evenings I can sit in front of the television and roll my beads. I have given them for gifts and plan on selling them in craft shows this fall. It seems like we always have paper around our house to throw away. So why not use those old catalogs and magazines to create something fun and enjoyable?

Here are some earrings and bracelets that I have made for a craft show.
This is just a closer look. Our high school colors are red and black. We had a car ad in our newspaper that was red and black. I love how each bead is a little different.

Here is a bracelet I made for my niece's birthday. I will add more pictures later. These beads were made from a comic strip out of a newspaper.


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  1. That's a very pretty braclet, I had heard of paper beads but I've never tried to make any. I will add that to my to-do craft list right away. Must look for a tutorial.
    It's a great way to recycle all those old magazines!